Knaresborough Choral Society

Knaresborough Choral Society (KCS) is a well-established musical group in the historic town of Knaresborough. Established for almost 40 years, the society perform three concerts each year, covering a wide range of music. We also perform at numerous local and community events throughout the year.


Upcoming Events

Bright Friday - 24th November, 6:15pm

carols to celebrate the switching on of our town's Christmas lights

Christmas Market - Saturday 2nd December, 3pm

carols and seasonal songs to entertain the crowds

Christmas Concert

Saturday 9th December
Holy Trinity Church

A seasonal mix of poetry as well as carols old and new

Christmas Tree Festival - Saturday 16th December, 11:00 am

carols and Christmas songs to entertain visitors to the beautiful Christmas tree festival at St. John's Church
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